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Old Catholic Communion of North America
An Orthodox Old Catholic Church
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The Old Catholic Communion of North America (OCCNA) is a Provincial Old Catholic Church in North America. The OCCNA is an Independent Old Catholic Church not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, yet it still celebrates the same sacraments. We choose to refer to ourselves as an "orthodox Old Catholic Church" as we strive to embrace fully the beliefs and teachings of the Undivided Church of the 1st millennia and specifically the beliefs of the Early Church. This means the OCCNA is Orthodox in its beliefs and theology as was the Western Church prior to the Great Schism - in short to us to be Old Catholic is to be Western in Rite (worship) and what is commonly known as Eastern Orthodox in theology.

Our mission is to provide valid Sacraments to those seeking forms of worship and beliefs founded in the traditions and beliefs of the early church.  It is our utmost desire to provide a place where all can worship God, say their prayers, receive the Sacraments, and be fed with the Word. This means we are to be true to the Sacred Traditions of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of the first 1000 years, and we will stay true to those teachings whether we number in the tens or the thousands. All repentant sinners are welcome in God’s House and to become members of our family of worshipers. (Luke 7:37-50)

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